Cristina Fava has been passionate about jewellery since she was a teenager. In 2015 she realized that she wanted to create “ornamental sculptures for the body”, as she likes to describe her jewels. She attended the Jewellery Design Program at the School of Design at the Politecnico di Milano, followed by several jewellery courses.

Her aim is to "clothe" a woman in femininity, elegance and sophistication. Cristina believes her creative vein is inherited from her grandfather, the sculptor Toni Benetton, whose works have been a source of inspiration for some of her creations.

Her passion is an ever-flowing spring that, like every one of her works, comes from her unique and distinctive emotions.

Cristina uses wax and metals to forge veritable sculptures for those who still appreciate authentically hand-made products. Every piece of jewellery is characterised by considerable care for details and quality, which are both typical features of the Made-in-Italy mark.

Through galvanic treatments, gold and silver-plating overlays brass, bronze, and copper so as to enhance the aesthetic value and brightness of the artistic creation.